Move your belongings to self-preservation

Move your belongings to self-preservation

With the summer months just around the corner its time to do some spring cleaning and place seasonal items like Christmas decorations and winter clothes away. Perhaps you have a child moving home from college or ready to do some home improvement projects and as most people realize you may not have enough space in your house to store all your belongings anymore. But just because it seems that your family has grown your home does not mean its time to hurry and buy a new home self storage is an excellent option to solve all your storage needs. Self-storage units are conveniently located around the city of Chicago and if you do some research it can even be close to your home.

IL may be challenging but with the right advice you will be about to choose the storage device that suits you. First you will want to approximate the number of items by making a list that will be stored in the facility and determine how much space you need in your self-storage unit. A great place to start searching for your own storage device is on the web try writing Chicago Self Storage to Google and see what youre doing. You will see several local results along with some national results below that give you information about many storage areas. You may want to consider the proximity of the storage device to your house security size and price. Once you have selected the perfect self-storage unit in Chicago IL you want to start packing your items.

Before you start packing refer to your list so you can start categorizing the items you want to store in your device in different boxes. Try using boxes that are the same size so that you can easily stack them starting with the heavier boxes on the bottom. When you categorize your items for your own storage device store the items you want to access more often in one or more boxes and place them near the input of the storage facility. This will ensure that you will not get through all your boxes and look for an item. Keeping you a list of which items are held in any box that also helps you identify where the articles are faster along with marking each box. Clothing kitchenware childrens toys fragile etc.

Remember to leave an island between your boxes so that you can easily access them in the storage device without damaging any of the items. Pack valuable items with bubbles and magazines to make sure there is no shift in the items during the move. Then place these items close to the device behind the door to keep them secure. Do not stack your possessions all the way up to the ceiling to keep them safe from harmful.

Be careful when packing items like metal objects furniture and appliances. Metal objects can be treated with rust protection or dried with oil. Furniture can throw in storage devices because of moisture so even if you encounter the climate-controlled device you will want to take precautions to keep your furniture safe from being damaged. Spread your furniture away from other objects so that air can circulate in the storage device. Place plastic sheets on the floor of your self-storage unit and stack your drawers on top of wooden pallets preventing condensation damage. You can also put fabric over your items to protect them from dust. Appliances like refrigerators should be left open and filled with a newspaper to prevent mold to grow. Never hold anything flammable or flammable in your self-contained unit petrol oil detergent dye. Lawn mowers must be drained before they are inserted into the storage unit.

Finally it is important that you buy a lock that can not be cut by bolt cutters to keep your belongings secure. Chicago storage areas do their utmost to protect your items but the lock is your way of assuring your belonging security. Also items that can not be insured or replaced should not be placed in self-storage. Tenants shall also catalog the registration serial numbers of any electronics or other products placed in the self-storage unit. is committed to helping customers find self-storage locations quickly and easily by providing the location of storage devices and contact information for plants around the country.

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